Politicks is a 2-4 player card game in which you play the role of the newly appointed strategist of the Party. Your task? Win the upcoming election. Hand pick politicians to gain the support of lobby groups, and when they are not convincing enough, do not shy away from engineering events to your advantage. Can you help the Party win the next election?

The game is currently out of print.

Politicks Scorekeeping Apps

You can download free scorekeeping apps for your smartphone - available for both Android devices and iPhones. You do not need the app to play the game, but it helps you keep track of the votes and politicians' influence.


Politicks FAQ

Will the game be reprinted anytime soon?
We do not have concrete plans yet but we are looking into the possibility of another print run. Like and follow our Facebook page to receive information about this as soon as we post it.

Erratum: Example 1 of the instruction booklet says that Dom Mintoff gets a final influence score of 3. Is that right?
Oops. Dom Mintoff's final influence score is 2, not 3.

Are reaction events also events? Can I, for instance, play Li Kien Kien on Vot ta' Sfiduċja?
Yes, reaction events are also events, so whenever a card text refers to event cards, it can be applied to reaction event cards too.

Are politicians played after Guido Demarco is played also affected by his ability?
Guido Demarco's card says that all politicians in play at the same time as he is, lose 1 red and 1 blue influence points. Therefore, his effect is active any time he is in play, no matter when other politicians are played. Conversely, if he is removed from play (for example using Goodbye, Hello) this effect is lost and other politicians regain their the lost influence.

What happens if I play Stenna Ftit when the faction deck is empty?
Since no faction cards remain, the game ends.

What is the influence of David Agius when he is in the politicians deck or the discard pile?
Unless he is in play, David Agius has 0 red and 0 blue influence. Therefore, for instance, you can take him from the discard pile if you play Joseph Muscat.

What happens if an opponent plays Il-Kitba Gidba when I play David Agius?
Since Il-Kitba Gidba nullifies the text on the politician card, David Agius gets to copy no politician card and he thus remains with 0 red and 0 blue influence.

Jose Herrera that players can only play one more event card during this round. But can politicians still be played?
Yes they can. The limitation is only on event cards.

Politickle Expansion: The event Panama Papers says that I must play a politician card face down when I play it. Can I still play Panama Papers if I have already played a politician this round?
No. Since the card says that you are also playing the politician, and the rules prohibit you from playing more than one politician, you cannot play Panama Papers if you have already played a politician this round.

Pulp Faction Expansion: Secret Service forces players to play their politicians face down, only to turn them face up at the end of the turn. Whose turn? Also, what happens if someone plays Stenna Ftit, which removes the faction in play?
Politicians remain face down till the end of the round, not the turn. Also, the rules do not cover the case of Secret Service leaving play. The text of Secret Service is being amended to have politicians turned face up also if Secret Service leaves play. Also, if a faction is replaced by Secret Service half way through a round, players who have already played politicians may not place another politician face down. The new text of Secret Service now reads as follows:
As long as Secret Service is in play, if a player may play a politician he or she may place it face down, after which he or she may not play another politician. Face down politicians are not considered in play until the end of the round or when Secret Service leaves play, when players take turns to flip over their politician face up, starting from the player who last passed. Politicians are considered to come into play the moment they are turned face up.

Politickle Expansion: If I play Panama Papers and an opponent cancels it with the reaction card Li Kien Kien, do I lose the politician card I played face down with Panama Papers?
Panama Papers says that when you play the card you must play a politician face down. But Li Kien Kien cancels Panama Papers, so it never comes into play and is thus cancelled before you even lower a politician. You can keep your politician.

Ye Politicians of Yore Expansion: When does Neriku Mizzi's abiltity allow me to take the votes - when a faction is drawn, or at the end of a round?
The way Neriku Mizzi works is that if he is in play and the round is a draw, the player who played Neriku Mizzi still takes the votes of the faction in play during that round ('drawn' in the card text is used with the meaning of 'the round is a draw', rather than in the sense of 'a card is drawn').

Some of the event cards are named in Maltese. Although I can still play the game without understanding them, I'd love to know what the hell those card names mean!
Here is a list of alternative English titles for the cards whose title is in Maltese:

Cards from main game
Maltese nameEnglish name
Erġajt Int?! What? You Again?
Faqar tal-Ħsieb Neural Deficit
Il-Bandla Swing Voter
Il-Kitba Gidba Lies, Damn Lies
Il-Maqluba Topsy Turvy
Injuranti Akka! Stupid Gits
Issa Daqshekk Enough is Enough
Jum ta' Riflessjoni Campaign Moratorium
Kulħadd Bravu Too Clever by Half
Laburist Joqtol A Damn Labourite
Li Kien Kien What's Done is Done
Esperti Mentali Experi-Mental
Ma Naqbilx Fat Chance!
Vot ta' Sfiduċja Motion of No Confidence
Nazzjonalist Jinten A Bloody Nationalist
Ngħidu Iva #voteyes
Niġi Għalik u Nifqgħek You talkin' to me?
Qasam il-Kamra Crossing the Floor
Inkixef! Busted!
Stenna Ftit Hang on a Minute
Telfa Papali Colossal Loss
Ulied id-Dawl The Enlightened
Ulied id-Dlam The Heathen
Żieda tal-Baġit Budget Increase
Cards from expansion
Maltese nameEnglish name
Moħħ ta' Piżella Pea Brain
Ministru Bla Portafoll Minister without Portfolio
Uċuħ Ġodda Fresh Faces
Jum Ġdid A New Dawn
Sa l-Aħħar Nifs Until the Last Gasp
Viva l-Alternattiva L-Alternattiva* Forever!
Ħaqq l-Alternattiva L-Alternattiva* be Damned!
Għamiltu Agħar Minna Your Party's No Better
* Alternattiva Demokratika, popularly referred to as "l-Alternattiva" is a minor political party in Malta.